The Louisville Baseball & Softball Association (LBSA) was established based upon the values of sportsmanship, fellowship, loyalty, and teamwork both on and off the field.The Louisville Baseball & Softball Association (LBSA) is a baseball & softball organi

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We are blessed in Louisville with an abundance of youth sports programs that serve a wide range of expectations and objectives for parents, players and coaches.  So, which program is best for your future Hall-of-Famer? Will Louisville Baseball & Softball Association (LBSA) meet your family's needs? Consider the following when choosing a youth baseball and/or softball program.

What Does Your Child Want?
First place you want to start is with your child. Ask your child what they want out of their baseball/softball experience. You may be surprised at the answer. Responses range from "I want to win" to "I want to have fun and play with my friends." Understanding your child's wants is a first critical step in selecting the right program.

Next ask yourself what YOU want from a sports program. Are you looking for a program that will teach the fundamentals of the game? Maybe you know your child will never be that Cy Young award winner and you want to instill a love of the game or simply use sports as medium for teaching life lessons. Perhaps, your child does have exceptional athletic promise and you want him/her to be challenged at the highest level of competition. Most importantly, be honest with yourself. Make sure you are in this for the benefit of your child and not to relive the glory days!

Aligning your goals with your child's goals and selecting the right program will lay the foundation for a long, enjoyable, and successful baseball/softball career.

Finally, contact one of our Board Members and discuss what LBSA has to offer and how we might meet your needs. LBSA is designed to offer baseball/softball to meet a variety of needs. From first time rookies to advance competition, we probably have a team for you.

Baseball & Softball is What We Do
LBSA is about baseball & softball. That's all we do. It's all we think about. We love the game and want every child to have this quintessential American experience.

Program Neutral
LBSA is not tied to any one program.  We are open to working with several league organizations.  We are able to provide fields, umpires, insurance, and support for multiple leagues.

By remaining neutral and avoiding exclusivity to other programs, LBSA can offer flexibility as players transition out of our league into other programs.  This can include spring/summer and fall ball opportunities.

Keep it in Perspective
We are a values driven organization. We recognize that very few of our youth will grow up to make a living playing baseball & softball. Our youth are better served if we instill virtues that transcend the playing field and are necessary for success in life. 

Winning baseball & softball games is not our product. We believe that winning is the by-product of a program that produces young athletes of CHARACTER, COURAGE and LOYALTY.  

So when the score is tied in the championship game, it is the bottom of the last inning with two outs and it is your child's turn to step to the plate to determine the fate of his/her team; it does not matter if he/she hits a homerun or strikes out. What is important is that your child has the CHARACTER to accept the challenge, the COURAGE to step into the batters box and the LOYALTY to take his/her mightiest swing for the team.

Each year we consistently hear from parents that they like the "community" feel of our program. We are proud of that aspect of our program. We believe youth baseball & softball is a unique American experience that can build lifelong friendships between families - creating a stronger, safer, fun community.

We believe community involvement is such an important aspect of our programs.